OmaRx Pharmaceuticals takes into account all aspects of quality assurance both at the production level and also on the documentation side. From the point, the genetic of the specific plant is selected, to cultivation, all levels of harvest and packing, shipping and receiving and all through extraction and production, we ensure the quality of each segment.

 OmaRx’s QA team ensures effective and efficient processes are in place to deliver the best products of the highest quality standards. Our in house lab which is fitted with the most accurate testing machinery enables us to ensure the final product meets our customer’s expectations. 

Food production certified

We follow food production standards set forth by the German authorities to deliver the highest quality products.

Guaranteed Quality

We test all our products rigorously at various stages of production to ensure quality andpurity of our final product.

High quality biomass

We have partnered with some of Europe’s top cultivators to ensure consistent and high quality material.

Organic Production Practices

We make sure all our sources practice organic production methods and apply GACP principles.

Pesticide free products

We have educated all cultivators and beside that we test all our materials to ensure pesticide free standards.

Hemp and Cannabis Regulations

As an ambitious producer of oils in Germany, we welcome and abide by the strict regulations set by the government and EU regulatory body standards.

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