OmaRx Pharmaceuticals GmbH., is a highly technical solution-based CBD oil producer. We have aimed to be the leading CBD oil production company in Germany through our production facilities based out of Bremen. We work closely with the German health authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure all related regulations are met in sourcing and production processes. 

From seed to sale OmaRx has established a meticulous process that oversees the selection of high CBD genetics, tracking  and testing each batch, water and soil analytics, GMP production processes and testing and reporting of the final product. 

We work with our clients from Europe to North America in order to deliver the final product based on their requirements and proper analytical data. All products produced in our facilities are tested by a third-party laboratory and comply with regulations set forth by the European Union regulatory body. 

OmaRx Pharmaceuticals has set up a state of the art in-house laboratory to ensure the quality of each batch of biomass received and the oil produced. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in our products or if you are looking to enquire about products with your company’s/industry’s specific requirements.


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OmaRx Pharmaceuticals

A Highly Technical Solution-based CBD Oil Producer
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