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OmaRx Pharmaceuticals is comprised of a team of diverse but focused individuals. The team has come together from the oil and gas, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Our experts and partners have been involved in the health industry for more than 50 years at all levels from facility set up, production to sales and marketing.

We pride ourselves in being able to identify market trends, develop and deliver products for today’s market with an eye on the future.

OmaRx aims to shape the future of the CBD industry.Our network of licensed producers, pharmaceutical companies and innovative scientists around the world including Europe and North America positions us to achieve what many have strived for. As the CBD industry is in its early stages, a partner who understands all levels of production and market can be a crucial part of any company’s success.

We would be happy to hear from potential clients and partners, please get in touch for further discussions.

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A Diverse Team of International Experts

OmaRx Pharmaceuticals

A Highly Technical Solution-based CBD Oil Producer
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